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About Us

My name is Ray England and I am the Founder and Sr. Shredder at Twisted Bandit Designs, and we are a group of lifelong DH, BMX, MX, and Off-Road racers and enthusiasts with a passion to shred.

Being extreme athletes ourselves, we decided it was time someone stepped up to the starting gate and created a true lifestyle brand dedicated to identifying all of us Extreme Adrenaline Junkies with the sports we love. 

I immediately reached out to my lifelong friend and fellow extreme athlete, James "The Wizard" Peterson, of James Peterson Graphic Co. and after a cold beer and some creative discussion we said, "Why not us?" and as you can see…WE NAILED IT!!!!

I’m always looking for the next sick t-shirt, hat, poster, and anything else that identifies me with the sports and lifestyle I live for. All I ever find are cut and paste images with poor quality and no creative flow…well we’re changing that. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the sickest one of a kind designs to ever hit the scene!

Living in the Las Vegas, Nevada climate provides us with the opportunity to play in the dirt year round, whether it’s’ racing off the line, out the gate, droppin in, or out with our crew shreddin on the weekends, you can always find us out pushing ourselves to the limit on, or in one of our favorite rigs at one of our local shred spots. Keep it rubber side down and we hope to see you out there!!!!!

Help us share the shred and send us a sick video of you and your crew throwing it down and you just might be our next “Rider of the Month”. If selected you will win one of our sick Swag Packs and a chance to become our first “Shredder of the Year”!!! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr for updates on how and when to submit your pics and videos.

Our goal is to provide you, the extreme athlete, with the best designs on the market, and a true lifestyle brand that unmistakably identifies you with the lifestyle you love.

Please email, Tweet, post on our Facebook Page, or find us on Intagram and send us your feedback, ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and product ratings, and be a part our effort to bring you the best designs you'd expect from the sickest brand out there.

  Visit us on Facebook, Twitter (@Sr.Shredder), Tumblr, and Instagram. Shoot us a line anytime at twistedbanditdesigns@gmail.com.